Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mexico Has A Fox?

Scene: After a horrible day at work, I am curled up in the chair next to husband watching a special on The History Channel about craters.

Me: Huh, why are there fossils all over the world if all the dinosaurs were in Mexico?

Him: (Giving me the what the fuck are you talking about look)

Me: If they were all in Mexico then did their bones just float all over the world to make fossils?

Him: Are you serious?

Me: Do I look like I am kidding.

Him: The sad thing is, no.

Just to let you all know what I learned last night:

1. Mexico wasn't "Mexico" 65 billion years ago.
2. Dinosaurs were everywhere on the earth but when this meteor hit land (land that is NOW Mexico) it disrupted the environment so much that the dinosaurs and other living things didn't have a chance to adapt to the cold change and died. Basically global warming in reverse.
3. I have a smart husband who actually paid attention in what ever class you take to learn about this stuff. If you know what this class is, let me know.

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Just a Country Girl said...

I think the class was Science.