Friday, August 08, 2008

Why Not?

We are in a 24 hour holding period on finding out if our house will remain under contract or not. The 22 year old entitled fucks that are considering it are thinking that the "As Is" sale of our house means they can ask for repairs to be done (ha!) that will increase THEIR resale (ha! ha!). It is weird but I am totally ok with it. Where we are isn't the worst place in the world by any stretch, it just would have been nice to experience something else. Of course, I think that gets into my deep issues of needing excitement and something different when life gets to much of the same dance over and over. Therapy session later, promise.

So, this weekend will be spent either unpacking and deciding how we make this house work or packing and deciding how we class up living OTP. Justin Timberlake just shuffled into my speakers so excuse me while I bring sexy back.